Pakistan Cricket Team Repeat That The History will again Just like 1992

World Cup Groups

Pakistan Cricket Team is very Important Team in the history Just Like 1992 and in 1999 They Go to Final Match But They Won a World Cup of 1992 with many Factors That Helps in Winning the match especially Bowling and Imran Khan now at a time Prime Minister of Pakistan Tells They are in outrageous form in 1992.In This World Cup Groups. Matches To Be Played And Now at a time Teams Have Not Yet Played the World Cup So Far When Started This World Cup Fixtures Then This Will Goes on Top or Bottom

Icc World Cup Groups

POS                        W L
1  South Africa       0 0
2 India 0 0
3 England 0 0
4 Pakistan 0 0
5 New Zealand 0 0  
6  Australia             0     0         
7 Bangladesh 0 0  
8 Sri Lanka 0 0  
9 Afghanistan 0 0  
10 West Indies 0 0  

Condition Of Pakistani Players
Pakistani Players Are So Fit and Engaging That They all says that They are in Outrageous Form and They all are well good to Play this Match and Repeat The History Again and Again Let's see What's Happen in this World Cup Groups Fixtures. All Teams are Fit Now Let's see What's Happen. Pakistani Players Like Asif Ali Daughter's Death Occur and They also Do a Tweet About Him
Team Strategy 
A strategy is very Important If You want to win and to do a game in Your Hands Then You will Need a Team Planning as Far Old Players are also in Your Team we Just Saw That in Pakistan Team Very old Players Like Muhammad Hafeez, Shoaib Malik and Even Captain of Pakistan Sarfraz Ahmed. I hope Teams all Played With Very Confidence and even Pakistan Takes Place Like in 1992.

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